The AEMP Education Foundation Funding Priorities

AEMP Online University

AEMP’s Online University is a world-class platform for the career development of equipment managers.

By scaling up our online learning environment we are creating high-quality professional development opportunities that allow our members to be the absolute best at what they do by providing access to a wealth of information in an interactive online learning environment. Designed to expand our reach with both live and recorded educational events, this information will be accessible to all members in the industry to include seasoned professionals and the next generation of equipment managers.

AEMP TelematicsAEMP Foundation Manuals & Texts

 The AEMP Education Foundation believes to inspire excellence, we must share excellence. Through weaving collective equipment management knowledge, experience, lessons learned and wisdom into published bodies of work, we foster members’ ability to attain professionalism and high standards.

Workforce Development Program

The AEMP Education Foundation workforce development program seeks to build awareness of 9741career opportunities and provide scholarships to high school graduates that wish to gain the skills to become a heavy equipment technician. The foundation will be taking a unique grassroots approach to leverage raising funds from industry leaders. This will be accomplished by targeting national organizations with local chapters in key locations across the country.  By partnering with local Rotary Clubs, Kiwanis Clubs and service clubs we will increase our reach with matching funds.  In addition, we will be partnering with local youth organizations such as the Future Farmers of America, 4-H clubs, and Career and Technical High Schools to raise awareness of career opportunities in this hands-on career.

Careers for Veterans: Heroes of Iron  

As the heavy equipment industry’s premier outreach effort, we will connect skilled U.S Veterans with worldwide employers that need their leadership while at the same time honoring their service. While many of the larger employers in this sector have their own stand alone veterans outreach programs, AEMP’s program will maximizes the reach of an entire industry verses a single employer to help veterans make this career transition.  This program provides an avenue for outreach to large, medium and smaller fleets that are desperate for a qualified workforce. Employer participation will make a difference in veteran’s lives as they take on new careers.  This program includes on-base training and an online jobs connection portal for employers and career seekers alike.

 Technician of the YearAnatoliy Yurchenko-2

The AEMP Foundation Technician of the Year Award is presented annually to the individual who exemplifies the heavy equipment profession’s best technician.  In recognizing the next generation of technicians who are models of excellence within the profession, we have two goals:

  1. Elevate the stature of the career
  2. Bring awareness to the critical issue of the crippling technician shortage found across the entire industry.